Need to sell but don't have a large team?

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CoPilot helps “Solopreneurs” and Small Teams

Get the most out of your prospecting and sales efforts by combining analytically-driven coaching recommendations WITH experienced sales coaches.

(Think of us as a flight instructor as you get your pilot’s license).

See How CoPilot Equips Small Teams With the Tools for Success

CoPilot’s software may be all you need if you have an internal sales coach, but if not, the recommended approach is simple...

Month 1


Gain leverage with better messaging and tooling

  • Prospecting calendar
  • Email copy and voicemail scripts 
  • List building strategies, i.e., where to find prospects and what should the research process include
  • Guidance on prospecting collateral
  • A framework for qualifying prospects (questions to ask and agenda setting)
  • Templates for discovery calls
  • Recommended tool stack

Month 2-3


Observe, analyze, iterate:

  • Call review sessions to improve consistency of qualification/discovery calls
  • Email response analysis and review for messaging optimization
  • Understanding common objections and development of responses
  • 1 on 1 coaching for situation-specific challenges

**Members of incubators receive $1,000 in coaching credit and 50% off of software products.

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Align around shared goals & land where you want to. 

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I run a business that was “inbound” for 10 years, and I’ve had to switch to “outbound”. I can handle opportunities after the initial call is scheduled, but the fractional support has been supportive in the process of building an outbound pipeline.

Noah H

Take your team to the next level.

We are inundated with tools to help us - as managers and individual contributors - to be successful. Some actually help -- and this is one of those. I’ve stopped relying on my gut (or my rep’s gut) to determine what we will work on. Now, it’s clear. Today, we are more closely aligned and working together. 

Anthony S.

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