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If it can help me be better at my job and make more money, I’m game. Welp, it has. I learned that I was outperforming my team after getting someone on the phone, but I was way behind them prior to setting my first call. So, that’s been my focus area and I’ve been able to improve by about 40%.


I’m all about accountability. Now I can see what each person is working on, what they are learning and if it’s working. We’ve been able to tailor our coaching to the exact needs of the individual and have seen improvements greater than 20% so far.


Increase in Win Rate

I’m working 16 hour days, 7 days a week. And getting better at selling and helping those on the team is not my strength. This is certainly helpful. It does require you to have a sales process defined and be diligent and committed to moving deals into the right stages. That was the hardest part for us. But, it’s worth it--I can see my sales rep improving at stages.

Founder and CEO

Reliable Lead

Take your team to the next level.

We are inundated with tools to help us - as managers and individual contributors - to be successful. Some actually help -- and this is one of those. I’ve stopped relying on my gut (or my rep’s gut) to determine what we will work on. Now, it’s clear. Today, we are more closely aligned and working together. 

Anthony S.

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