Transform an ocean of
data-points into actionable insights.

With CoPilot, the path to hitting revenue and commission goals is clearer than ever.

Uncover & Target Challenges

Immediately after set-up, CoPilot begins processing your analytics and surfacing blind spots and weak areas. And if you have history tracking in place, CoPilot is able to analyze your historic data too.

Discover & Implement Proven Recommendations

Utilize tested and proven coaching recommendations with CoPilot’s Flight School: a series of enablement exercises designed to take the guesswork out of improvement. Where additional assistance is desired, CoPilot offers tailored Professional Services.

Set Goals & Track Progress

Quickly view who is improving and who needs attention. CoPilot’s coaching tool enables managers to spend less time combing through data and more time providing unbiased coaching. Opportunities to set and save goals increase accountability and promote progress.

Forecast with Increased Accuracy

Calibrate around individuals - level the playing field between ‘sand-baggers’ and overly optimistic team members. Gain clarity around quota achievement, commissions and promotion timelines (quickly answer: “Am I going to hit quota?”, “How much will I make?”). Have an open and honest dialogue about your forecast accuracy based on personal trends.

17KReliable Lead

Easy Set-Up & User Friendly

Quickly assess performance & answer pressing questions with CoPilot’s easy-to-read dashboard.

Automatic Data Capture

Continuously collects and correlates metadata from your phone and CRM systems to provide you with real time insights on how your teams and reps are performing.  No manual data entry required.

Proactively Adapt

Mitigate risks with push notifications that alert you when urgent attention is needed based on early-warning indicators.

Quantified Opportunities

Clearly see how much revenue potential is linked to improvement with opportunities for improvement quantified in dollar amounts.

Objective Coaching

Goal-setting is designed to take bias out of coaching. Individuals & managers can set goals and create an improvement strategy based on real-time performance and results.

What You Get

Individual and Team Performance Trends
Continuous Enablement survey
Industry Benchmarks
Individual Development Plans
Flight School
Performance Accountability Mechanism
Monte Carlo Forecast Simulations
Forecasted Commissions, Awards, and Promotion Timeline

Take your team to the next level.

We are inundated with tools to help us - as managers and individual contributors - to be successful. Some actually help -- and this is one of those. I’ve stopped relying on my gut (or my rep’s gut) to determine what we will work on. Now, it’s clear. Today, we are more closely aligned and working together. 

Anthony S.

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