Over the years, countless B2B platforms, products, and services have failed because they didn’t build or scale effective sales operations and enablement. As former operators, we built a consulting firm determined to prove that B2B sales is an identifiable and solvable challenge.

Our hands-on experience confirmed our original hypothesis. We designed CoPilot to be an accessible solution for sales teams everywhere.

CoPilot empowers your team to take control of their performance by giving your team everything it needs to create a sales enablement plan that will make hitting revenue targets easier than ever.

We’ve managed over 3,000 one-on-ones across 40 different products sold, yielding ~30% improvements in pipeline, revenue and commissions

one-on-ones managed
products sold
increase on average


We are not immediately hiring, but please do reach out if you are in sales and see the value of this tool. We are interested in learning more about you. As we continue to grow, we are looking for people with sales backgrounds to play roles in sales, customer success, and operations with CoPilot.

Email us at or connect with us on social media.

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You’re in sales. We’re in sales. If you see how this could help a colleague or friend, we want to give you some coin for making an introduction. Let us know who this will help, and we will happily cut you 10% of the first year value your way as a thank you.

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Take your team to the next level.

We are inundated with tools to help us - as managers and individual contributors - to be successful. Some actually help -- and this is one of those. I’ve stopped relying on my gut (or my rep’s gut) to determine what we will work on. Now, it’s clear. Today, we are more closely aligned and working together. 

Anthony S.

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